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1. How can we generally trust a start-up company like yours? Our founders are a team of professionals,
They have worked with large companies in leadership positions. Our founder was also part of the
founding team of one of the largest E-Commerce companies in the country and is a well known name
amongst sellers in the country. We are a VC funded company with very high level of ethics and
professionalism. We understand that large businesses are built keeping a long term view of relationships
and trust. We already have more than 100 top sellers on board across categories.
2. How do we know it will be worth the effort to upload our catalogue ? We will provide you a very easy
to use panel, where you can upload the catalog yourself without any hassle. Moreover our panel even
has bulk upload facility. However, if you want we can do the first time bulk upload for you so that your
store is ready in no time and with no effort from you. You would understand that every business takes
time to reach a certain level. But our target is to reach 2.5 lakhs users within six months, 5 lakhs within
nine months and more than 10 lakhs within a year. By that time we also plan to have more than 25000
sellers. Being one of our early sellers you can enjoy a lot of benefits like stronger relationship with the
management team, larger size of business, more ratings and reviews etc.
3. How can we be assured of the confidentiality of our business details ? All your business details are
secure in our servers. Access to these details is highly restricted. There is multi-level security. Specific
details can be provided in case of interest.
4. How are you different from the established e-commerce companies ? Firstly we are tailored to
facilitate the Wholesale Trade instead of B2C business. We understand that wholesale business works in
a very different way. Accordingly our app features, services and options are designed for wholesale
business only. There is nobody in the market which empowers wholesalers with complete end-to-end
ecommerce services including technology, payment, marketing, order management, E.g., The app
and catalog are designed for bulk quantity and MOQs. You do your existing business through
whatsapp, which has a lot of headache. Instead, you can use our app, which will help you do your
existing business more efficiently and in a more organized way. It is like a chat based sales software,
free of cost to you. We have negotiation and chatting tools which are critical for wholesale business.
We have multiple pricing options, like MOQ, Fixed Lot, Ask for Price, Quantity based Pricing Our
shipping and logistics is catered to bulk quantity at cheapest possible rates. We even have multiple
shipping options like surface, express, air. We have a lead generation platform to give you highly
qualified leads.
There are many many more features, once you start using it you will realize how it helps you in your
existing business and also generates new business.
5. What is the need for a mobile App when we are doing fine without it using Whatsapp Groups etc ?
You use what’sapp because it is free and makes it faster to share catalog and chat with multiple people.
But it is very difficult to collate all orders, manage order processing, remember what was discussed with
whom, etc. Our app brings the ease of chat and also organizes your business discussions. You can
build your own broadcast groups, share your catalog, chat individually with buyers, negotiate, lock a
new negotiated price, and even book orders through chat itself. Moreover our smart search helps you
find important discussions, mark key points as favorites etc. You, your partners, your sales team can
have this app on separate phones, yet all orders get combined into one company account. Basically, you
can attach multiple users with one account and catalog becomes common to all. Then each one can do
business with their own contacts, but everything gets collated together automatically.
6. How can we be assured of full & timely payment of our dues? You are aware of the credentials of our
top managers. Protecting our business credibility is one of the key planks of our trade proposition.
Whichever be the mode of payment, as long as goods are shipped as per order, we shall ensure full &
timely payment is received to your complete satisfaction.
7. Who bears the onward/return shipment costs in case of cargo rejections? We have a very strong
Seller Protection Policy, which protects you from fraudulent buyers. The buyer is allowed to reject or
return only if the goods are not as per description or have manufacturing defect. We do not allow
buyer remorse. So if everything is as per what he ordered, but the buyer has changed his mind then we
do not approve the return ourselves. We check with you. If you are OK, we approve. If you are not OK,
we reject it. In case of shipping damage we take care of the returns.
8. Who will be responsible in case of in-transit damage to cargo ? ZCliq.com or you depending upon who
has arranged the shipment for the specific transaction.
9. What are your future plans ? ZCliq.com intends to become the B2B Marketplace of choice for the
millions of Retailers pan India within the first year of its launch. In terms of specific metrics, we shall
have more than 100,000 Customers, 1 Mn Products and Gross Merchandise Value of INR 1000 Crores at
the end of Year 1.
10. Who do you consider as your competition? There is nobody in the market who is a marketplace for
wholesalers. Some of the things that make us unique are as follows
The only transaction led, performance based platform built specifically for wholesale The only
marketplace, as a seller you get a panel through which you can manage your entire online business,
everything that you will need to run an online store like catalog management, order management,
pricing etc. Moreover, it is a chat based platform, so gives you great flexibility which is required in
11. When will you be fully operational ? We are formally launching to the Trade on 27th Apr 2017. So it
a good time to get attached to us. Early sellers always get preferential treatment.
12. Will there be somebody from company to handhold us through the onboarding process ? For the
earlybirds (ie those registering before launch), this additional convenience shall be available. Post
launch, it will be a self-service App. But we do offer a first time bulk catalog upload for free. After that
with our panel and app itself you will be able to manage your store.
13. What are the shipment options open to Buyers & Sellers ? Right now we are launching with
ZCliq.com fulfillment. It will have options of express mode and regular surface. Later we will also
introduce seller and buyer fulfillment.
14. If we don’t offer competitive prices, buyers will not enquire from us. If we do, our competitors can
undercut us. How do we safeguard our interests while using our App ? Competition happens on all
marketplaces. For e.g., if you are sitting in Tilkamanjih or Sahmaket, there is competition and
competitors know each other prices. But still sitting in a marketplace brings larger benefits, most
important being a common place where lots of buyers come. We would always recommend to put
competitive prices to attract buyers. But in our app, if you have negotiated a special price with
somebody, that price is only between you and buyer, no body will know it because it is not an
information published on the marketplace.
15. Can we start business with few business details pending? We have endeavored to keep the
information required bare minimum. Hence, it shall not be possible to transact without the necessary
information corresponding to the individual Buyer, commercial Buyer or Seller as the case may be.
16. We have multiple legal entities. How can we manage all our accounts on single view/consolidated
basis ? Currently, each separate legal entity shall need to be registered as separately. In future, we
intend to provide single/consolidated view for an Umbrella Group with options to transact under any
legal entity.
17. Do you have special Quantity/Turnover linked Sales incentives for us ? We may do so basis Trade
feedback. However we shall not let earlybirds suffer. Large sellers will enjoy certain benefits like
preference in promotions, some free of charge premium services like catalog upload, better payment
18. We are Brand Owners. Will you be ready to assure us that our Brand will not be sold by any other
Trader through your App ? Being a marketplace platform we cannot always ensure that other don’t sell
your brand. However, if you let us know of a seller who is illegally selling your brand, then we will block
them after you give us a written request. However, if you are the brand owner, we will give you special
privileges like A special stamp ‘Direct Brand’ on each of your product Preferred placements in all our
promotions including facebook, emailers, sms etc.
These would ensure that most business comes to you directly. Though of course you will have to ensure
competitive pricing.
19. Will you assign a Relationship Manager for our account ? In future, we intend to have dedicated
Relationship Managers for Accounts above certain size. Even otherwise, our Support Team is available in
case you need any specific support or clarifications.
20. How do we use your Product if we prefer to use a laptop instead of a smartphone ? We will provide
you with a web based seller panel, so that your business tasks can be made easier. But we encourage
you to become comfortable with using a smartphone for convenience of portability and mobile
21. If we purchase MOQ, but are unable to liquidate the entire cargo in reasonable timeframe, can we
request stock-return on unsold part ? Unless cargo has manufacturing or in-transit defects intimated
within 7 days of receipt, goods are returnable at Seller’s discretion only.
22. What will be policy for cargo purchased through your App that gets expired in our Warehouse due to
poor sales or short expiry dates ? Unless cargo has manufacturing or in-transit defects intimated within
7 days of receipt, goods are returnable at Seller’s discretion only.
23. As a Buyer, what are the benefits for me in using ZCliq.com ?
i. Thousands of Buyers to choose from
ii. Benefit of referring to other Buyer’s ratings when deciding to deal with any Supplier
iii. Real time price discovery
iv. Scope to enhance width of portfolio within same or related categories
v. Own pick-up or ZCliq.com fulfilled shipment
vi. Credit facilitation and other payment options
vii. Multiple Team members can be authorized to transact on Buyer’s behalf
viii. Several unique features including Chat, Public/Private Network, Broadcast, My Orders in single
platform that practically make ZCliq.com a mini-ERP
ix. Fully optimized for mobile useage